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Do you have a night drop? 2014-05-10T00:00:23+00:00

Yes, the BTEL night drop box is to the right of our main office entrance at 314 W. Texas Street, Brazoria, Texas 77422. The Coastal Link night drop box is the blue box outside the front of the Coastal Link building at 206 W. Alabama St., Brazoria, Texas 77422.

How do I set up an email? 2014-03-27T17:37:14+00:00

Contact BTEL DSL to create an email address and password.

How many email accounts am I allowed? 2014-03-27T17:35:35+00:00

You are allowed up to 5 BTEL DSL email accounts.

$3 for each additional email

Is there a limit to BTEL DSL usage? 2014-03-27T17:03:55+00:00

No, Internet usage is unlimited.

Can I use my own modem? 2014-03-27T17:01:56+00:00

Internet service is only compatible with a modem issued by BTEL DSL. You may use your own router along with the modem provided to make internet service wireless.  BTEL DSL does lease standard modems that can be used with your router for a monthly fee of $3.95. A wireless modem can be leased from BTEL for a monthly fee of $6.95. Use of BTEL DSL wireless modem eliminates the need for a separate router.

Must I have a telephone for BTEL DSL? 2014-03-27T16:55:42+00:00

Yes, you must have an active landline with BTEL in order to have BTEL DSL Service.  It is not necessary to actually plug in a telephone.

Is there an Install Fee for DSL? 2014-03-27T16:27:07+00:00

No, there is no fee to install DSL.

Is Internet service portable? Can I take my WiFi modem with me? 2017-05-31T16:12:53+00:00

Internet is not portable. No, the WiFi modem is stationary connected to your telephone line. It will not work if it is removed from your telephone line.

Can I pay my bill online? 2017-05-31T16:12:53+00:00
  • Yes, you may pay using Online Bill Pay option from BTEL website.
  • You may also use electronic bill pay through your bank.
How can I get a copy of my phone bill? 2014-03-27T16:17:35+00:00
  • Select Online Bill Pay Option with BTEL as service provider.
  • Enter telephone account number as your User Name (telephone account number can be found on monthly bill stated as Account Number/Ebill ID).
  • Enter the Password you set up for BTEL account.
  • View Bill History, select desired month to review or print.  A maximum of 24 previous months are available.
Do you offer any after hours support? 2014-03-17T22:39:29+00:00

We do offer after hours support that will be able to help you if you are having any television or internet issues, wanting to make a payment, or just have questions on your bill or services. Please Call BTEL @ 979.798.4102 / Coastal Link @ 979.798.5465.

Can I pick and choose what channels I want to receive? 2017-05-31T16:12:53+00:00

Lone Star 156x113Unfortunately, we do not offer that option. But check with the local office so we can best determine which package is right for your needs.

Do you offer wireless internet? 2017-05-31T16:12:54+00:00

iPad NewBTEL 220x75Yes – we offer internet service that can be made wireless if you lease or purchase one of our wireless modems. In addition, you can purchase or lease a standard modem and connect it to your own wireless router.

Can you service my address? 2017-05-31T16:12:54+00:00

Lone Star 156x113 If you contact our local Coastal Link office at 979-798-5465 (LINK) or BTEL office at 979-798-2121 during the hours of M-F 8a – 5p, one of our representatives will be happy to check and see if we do.

Do I have to subscribe to television service in order to get internet through Coastal Link? 2017-05-31T16:12:54+00:00

Btel logo 137x50 transparentIt is not necessary to subscribe to television services to get our internet service, however, we do offer great discounts if you bundle your services.

Does Coastal Link require a deposit to start service? 2017-05-31T16:12:54+00:00

Coastal Link BTEL with Tagline 405x150 - Trans2We do run a soft credit check to determine if a deposit will be required.  The amount will be dependent on your credit score.

My friend/relative has Coastal Link. If I subscribe, do you offer any discounts? 2012-11-27T14:42:55+00:00

Yes!  We offer a referral credit to the Coastal Link customer that currently has active service with us.  Check with the local office for details.