Custom Calling Features

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Call Waiting*With a soft tone, this feature alerts you to incoming calls while you’re talking on the phone.$2.25$1.75
Call Waiting IdentificationDisplays call name and/or number of incoming call received while you are using your phone. You must also subscribe to Call Waiting and Call Name / Number service.$1.50$1.50
Call Waiting with Cancel Option*Allows you to cancel Call Waiting to prevent interruptions on certain calls.$3.25$2.50
Call Waiting with Distinctive Alert*Allows you to set up a list of 6 telephone numbers from which calls will ring differently than other calls. In addition if customer subscribes to call waiting, the call waiting tone will also be distinctive.$2.00$2.00
Distinctive RingingAllows you to have up to four telephone numbers assigned to a single line and provides each with distinctive ringing patterns.(2#’s)$6.00
Call HoldAllows you to place a call on hold.FreeFree
Music on Hold*Let your callers listen to music provided by Btel while on Call Wait, Call Hold or Three-Way.$2.00$1.50
Call Forwarding*Allows you to transfer your incoming calls to another phone number-either local or long distance.$2.25$1.75
Call Forward-Busy/Don’t Answer*Automatically transfers calls when your line is busy or not answered to a pre-designated telephone number.$3.15$2.25
Selective Call Forwarding*Allows you to select certain incoming telephone calls to be forwarded to another number that you designate.$2.00$2.00
Call Forwarding with Remote Access*Allows you to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding from a telephone number other than the one to which service is assigned.$3.15$2.25
Three Way Calling*Allows you to add a third party to a local or long distance conversation.$3.25$2.50
Speed Calling*Decreases your dialing time on emergency and frequently called numbers.$3.25$2.50
Call RecallProvides a reminder to make a call, keep an appointment or for wake up convenience.$4.00$3.00
Automatic Redial*Automatically redials the last outgoing call. If the number is busy, Automatic Redial will alert you with a distinctive ring when your line and the one you are redialing are both free.$2.00$2.00
Automatic Call Back*Automatically calls the last incoming call. If it is busy, Automatic Callback will alert you when both your line you are calling are both free.$2.00$2.00
Call Intercept/Do Not DisturbBlocks all calls from reaching you.$4.50$3.00
Selective Call Rejection*Allows you to create a list of six telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls.$2.00$2.00
Selective Call Acceptance*Allows you to create a list of six telephone numbers from which you will accept calls. All others hear a recorded announcement advising you are not accepting calls at this time.$2.00$2.00
Anonymous Call RejectionAllows you to reject all calls that have been blocked and therefore are marked anonymous or private by the calling party.w/ CID $.50
w/out CID $1
w/ CID $.50
w/out CID $1
Per Call BlockingPress *67 before dialing to prevent your number from appearing on the Caller ID of someone you are calling.FreeFree
Per Line BlockingAutomatically prevents your number from appearing on the Caller ID of anyone you call.FreeFree
Caller ID Name and Number DeliveryDisplays the name and number of incoming callers to your phone.$4.50$4.50
Customer Originated Call TraceThis feature will initiate a trace of your last incoming call to report to law enforcement.$8.00 Per Trace$8.00 Per Trace
Voice MailRecord messages from incoming calls when you are not available to answer your telephone.$3.00$2.00
Toll Restriction With Authorization Code OverrideAllows you to limit access to long distance calling.$4.25$3.75
*Package discounts available on these features2 Feature Package, 3 Feature Package, 4 Feature Package
Additional discount pricing is available for packages including up to 10 features. A service connection fee is charged each time features are added.
*Instructions also available in Phone Directory